es Estrategias de Poker Texas Holdem


3-Betting & 3-Betting Light


The 3-betting light concept adds an extra advantage to the game of poker and makes it less monotonous and dull, even when you are winning money with your current strategy.

3-betting will transform your game if you are a mid-stake player in the same way your game was transformed when you first discovered the continuation bet.

The 3-betting notion has better results in mid-stakes poker games between $50NL and $200NL.

Different Poker playing styles

Estilo en el poker

You may already know that there are certain combinations of words that are used to describe the way in which a player plays at a poker table.

These are the characteristic playing styles used with poker players:

  • Tight- aggressive (TAG)
  • Loose-aggressive (LAG)
  • Tight-passive
  • Loose tight-passive

But what exactly is to be selective, very selective, aggressive or passive in poker Texas Hold'em? And which style is the best?

The strategy in Turbo Poker Tournaments

Estrategia para torneos de poker turbo.jpg

The popularity of turbo poker tournaments increases every day at online poker rooms, which usually offer turbo, super turbo and sometimes also extreme turbo poker competitions.

These turbo Sit and Go tournaments are specially atractive for players who want fast entertainment at poker tables, because usually they don't last long.

Since these tournaments have a particualrly speedy blind structure, they are not easy to play and you need a strategy different to that you regularly use in Sit and Go tournaments.

The Small Blind Strategy

In poker Texas Hold'em the small blind becomes a tricky position to play from. If you use some kind of software, like Poker Office for example, to monitor your performance in each position at the poker table, you'll see that overall the small is a losing position.

Not even the best poker players in the world find it easy to win money from the small blind, that is how it works.

Whenever you are playing in the small blind, your goal is to reduce the amount of money you will lose in order to increase your general wins from the other seats.

How to Play Drawing Hands


It usually happens in poker Texas hold’em that you get a hand with the potential to become a monster hand but you are one card short to complete it. This is what we call a ‘drawing hand’ since you engage in a draw in order to get a particular card or kind of card.

This is a difficult hand to play particularly when you have to face bets and raises and you need to decide if you want to call or not. This article will help you learn how to play drawing hands and will give you tips to decide if you should fold or call when you face a bet.

How to Play Ace King


The ace-king hand, especially when the cards suit, is a very strong starting hand in No-Limit Poker Hold’em. Nonetheless, unless you connect with the board, you will have only a hand whose higher card is an ace to show at the end. It makes playing ace-king problematic in some circumstances.

Blind Stealing


Blind stealing refers to the situation in which a poker player in late position decides to raise pre-flop in order to win the uncontested blinds. This has proved to be an effective strategy since those poker players in the blinds will usually have two random cards. Because of this, there is very little chance they have a hand that will prompt them to raise, wchih will allow you to win their blinds.