es Estrategias de Poker Texas Holdem

Basic strategies

3-Betting & 3-Betting Light


The 3-betting light concept adds an extra advantage to the game of poker and makes it less monotonous and dull, even when you are winning money with your current strategy.

3-betting will transform your game if you are a mid-stake player in the same way your game was transformed when you first discovered the continuation bet.

The 3-betting notion has better results in mid-stakes poker games between $50NL and $200NL.

Blind Stealing


Blind stealing refers to the situation in which a poker player in late position decides to raise pre-flop in order to win the uncontested blinds. This has proved to be an effective strategy since those poker players in the blinds will usually have two random cards. Because of this, there is very little chance they have a hand that will prompt them to raise, wchih will allow you to win their blinds.