es Estrategias de Poker Texas Holdem

Advanced strategies

The strategy in Turbo Poker Tournaments

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The popularity of turbo poker tournaments increases every day at online poker rooms, which usually offer turbo, super turbo and sometimes also extreme turbo poker competitions.

These turbo Sit and Go tournaments are specially atractive for players who want fast entertainment at poker tables, because usually they don't last long.

Since these tournaments have a particualrly speedy blind structure, they are not easy to play and you need a strategy different to that you regularly use in Sit and Go tournaments.

The Small Blind Strategy

In poker Texas Hold'em the small blind becomes a tricky position to play from. If you use some kind of software, like Poker Office for example, to monitor your performance in each position at the poker table, you'll see that overall the small is a losing position.

Not even the best poker players in the world find it easy to win money from the small blind, that is how it works.

Whenever you are playing in the small blind, your goal is to reduce the amount of money you will lose in order to increase your general wins from the other seats.